When we created our agency, we were very clear about our project, the services and added value we offer to our customers. We wanted a name that would convey the full scope of services and indicate the high level of quality in our delivery.

In English, which often comes to mind, our sector is referred to as“Real Estate” the short hand version of a more technical term with the same meaning: “contracted property.” In this example, one word, in a broad sense, then, comes to mean so much. By adding “Best”to the name of our sector as a whole, to create our business “Best Realty” we don’t pretend to define what is the best as far as property is concerned, but instead convey a sense of our unique offering when it comes to services. We are not just brokers. We are a company composed of a suite of real estate services which, together offer something truly exceptional; the very best accommodation of your needs.

Real estate is a multi-faceted sector. For the sale of a property, a set of expenses will include some vendors from various sectors who are however similar and complimentary. By saying this, I am not referring to the obvious professionals such as the notary, mediator who are necessary for the sales contract, but rather to lesser known but equally important professionals such as lawyers, designers, photographers, and communication consultants, builders, financial consultants and home stagers. Our team is made of many professionals who everyday and at all stages of the sales/purchase process make their own personal contribution in their specific area. The result? An impeccable path in the evolution of the sale in which we are happy to put all of our skills at your disposal!

Here is the team:

Andrea is our professional in communication, marketing and advertising: eager for news, always in step with the trends of visual design and web strategies, creative and practical, he allows us to convey an elegant and attractive image, and above all a functional one so that you can find us online by typing in the real estate service you are looking for whenever you need it.

Simone is our Visual developer, attentive to every detail, he knows how to transmit the information to the screen. He has a knack for identifying the most evocative part of every property we acquire in portfolio. Not just a photographer or video maker, he is the one who presents ​​the house you have decided to entrust to us for sale and makes it desirable for potential buyers. His mission is to create a custom presentation for every property in our portfolio.

Angelo is our tireless Interior designer. He designs the spaces of the home you want to buy according to your needs, and has the incredible artistic and creative ability to bring your wishes to paper. So, you no longer just have to imagine how your home could become once purchased, but you can see it for yourself. An indispensable professional for us and always ready to listen to your needs.

Emiliano is our web man. Our portal is in his hands. He is an expert web developer who deals with the online positioning of our properties. A Google specialist, he possesses in-depth knowledge of the logic behind Facebook and Instagram advertising. Thanks to him, your properties will always be in a prime position.

Matilde Matilde is the heart of our office, our point of reference and that of the customer who comes into contact with us for the first time. Always ready to listen to your needs before introducing you to an agent who will follow up with your requests, Matilde is the manager of our offices and back office coordinator. She is qualified, kind and sensitive surveyor making the perfect combination of technical and relational skills. A precious collaborator, she is the perfect hostess for Best Realty.