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Are you interested in purchasing a property for renovation but you have held back because you can’t imagine how it could possibly become the property you’ve always dreamed of?

We want to help you avoid this problem. Thanks to our team and collaborators, we are prepared to offer a whole suite of services, that will assist you in your decisions from the initial choice to acquire and every decision following.

Our real estate portfolio contains many properties which require reservation, and I can assure you that some of them are absolutely wonderful. Our eye is absolutely trained to see the exquisite potential in these offerings; even those buildings which to some might appear as an abandoned ruin.
If supported by the right professionals, buying a farmhouse to be renovated is one of the best investments you can make in Tuscany. First of all, from an investment prospective, you will find that houses to be restored are still available excellent prices, and compared with the homes already restored, the trading margin is usually higher. With our services, you will be able to consider the total cost of the investment, together with time and price of restoration work. With our general contractors, you will be able to arrange each step in defined times and on the basis of predefined budgets pre-defined at the time of purchase. Therefore we eliminate the possibility of unexpected surprises.
Finally, do you really want to consider the advantage of purchasing a property for renovation instead of one ready for occupancy? Quite simply, you can have the exact house of your dreams, just as you always wanted it. Everything from the colors, materials, division of the spaces, bathrooms, quality of the finishes, to the garden design and size of the pool, can be your decision. You can have the chance to live your dream instead of adapting it to someone elses. Restructuring means: total exclusivity.

Our agency uses technicians specializing in building projects to offer the following:

At first with simple drafts and 2D illustrations, we show you how your home could be transformed, including ideas for the redistribution of the internal spaces and design of the interior to fully enhance the property’s value.

If, on the other hand, you have an idea in mind, perhaps with a 2-D version that you can’t quite put into focus, we offer 3D design renderings. This popular method has become an important tool capable of presenting and communicating the visual details of an unrealized project. Starting with a 2D illustration project, special programing can produce a nearly photorealistic visualization.

General contract
We operate as a GENERAL CONTRACTOR, which means that we present the customer with the details and scope of the project complete with specifics on prices and times, ensuring that there will be no change at the end of the work.

Bureaucracy free
Our agency can organize all of the bureaucratic formalities, such as the request for permits and any associated documentation necessary for the correct execution of the works.

Sei curioso di conoscere le nostre proposte da ristrutturare già complete di idee progettuali complete? Contattaci per scoprire tra i più bei casali toscani da ristrutturare.