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How to sell Houses in Tuscany
In addition to the preliminary services of assessing, presenting and publicizing a property for sale, we offer full-service assistance dedicated to technical preparation for sale itself, This includes preparation of all documentation required for the closing. Since many such documents are technical and quite specific, a technical understanding of the process of obtaining them is convenient to sellers

It is always preferable to compile and review such documentation prior to initial offering. In this way, we are able to fully review of the folio and effectively offer practical advise related to the sale. With the full documentation in hand, the agent can properly present the property to prospective buyers.

“Il certificato di conformita urbanistica e catastale” is a document produced by a competent technical professional showing correspondence between the actual state of the property and that which was authorized by the Comune. The certificate verifies therefore that the building in question, presents no violation of the building code commonly known as “building abuse.”

CDU/ Certificate of Destinazione Urbanistica, if land is present. (qualora siano presenti dei terreni):
“Il certificate di destinazione urbanistica” is simply the document issued by the public administration containing urban planning information concerning buildings and land registry data, urban coding, and planning parameters.

Cadastral Survey
“La Visura Catastale” is a document issued by the Revenue Agency of the Italian Republic containing showing the property as it is registered in the national data system. Whether it is a piece of land or a building, every property located in the Italian national territory has identifying data with numerated sheets, parcels, town and Municipality in which it is located. Additional classification data related to census area, cadastral category, class, surface area, materials and income are included in this official profile of the property.

Visura ipotecaria:
“La Visura Ipotecaria” is the results of a data search that determines if there are any loans or leans against the property in question. This report shows if any person or legal entity is the holder of any other real estate by way of mortgages or loans against the property in question.

APE Attestato di Prestazione Energetica:
“L’attestato di Prestazione Energetica” is a document produced by a qualified technical professional that describes the energetic characteristics of the property. It is obligatory in cases of sale or rent since July of 2010.

Cadastral plan
The cadastral plan is the technical drawing of a property that is registered in the Cadastral (Italy’s property data system), from which it is possible to deduce, in accordance with the cadastral rules, all of the restorations, subdivisions and destinations of the internal premises along with complete metric data.

Property Title or Deed of Origin:
Property title or “Atto di Provenienza” of the property is the document that certifies the ownership of a real estate holding belonging to a certain subject. In this document, the nature, and if applicable, the share of ownership is described.

Declaration of Conformity of the Utilities
The “Dichiarazione di Conformita degli Impianti” is the document issued to the client by an authorized company after installation or modification of the utilities. It is composed of a certificate of compliance with any and all regulations.

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