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Do you want to buy a house but you are accustomed to a lawyer’s assistance when processing any kind of contract?

Legal advice
Do you need specific legal advice for private matters related to your company or your person? Do you know which are the best purchase conditions that protect your interests under Italian Law?
Upon request, among other supplemental services, our agency offers personalized legal advice from a professional specializing in real estate law, property protection and rights. Our lawyer is always available to carry out an accurate due diligence analysis for the legitimacy status of the building, as well as all necessary checks related to obtaining required documents prior to the sales agreement and closing.

Tax Advice
Will I purchase a primary residence, a second home, a working farm, or a business? What if I already own other homes abroad? How much can I expect to pay in property taxes once the purchase has been made? Is it better to purchase as an individual or a legal entity? Do you want to know the most convenient way to purchase your home?

There are multiple ways to buy a home. It is important that you find the best solution for your circumstances. Upon request, our agency offers complete financial consultation with a tax advice specialist. Depending on your situation, your assets, and your country of origins, our representative will present the most succinct, practical, and economically advantageous way to buy property in Italy, including important information to maintain perfect compliancy. With this advise, you will be able to choose a purchase framework that is best for you and the property that you are interested in. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase your property in the best possible way, with brief processing periods; an accurate plan that will allow you to save money later on by avoiding surprises. 

Do you need legal advice? Just ask.
Contact us for personalized financial advice before your purchase. We would be glad to help in anyway we can.