My husband and I, Ugo & Barbara Mariotti, would like to recommend the work of Loretta Lucaroni in regard to our purchase of a property in Montisi, a village in the Comune di Montalcino, Italy.

We had put our farm ‘Podere Trove’ in the Comune di Trequanda on the market at the beginning of 2016, a decision reached due to our ageing and the increasing disability of Ugo. This meant that we needed to purchase another property more suited to our needs and requested Loretta to assist.

Our brief to Loretta was quite specific: a roomy property, without stairs given Ugo’s disability, but within a village (access to Bar/food suppliers/Post Office/Bank etc). This was quite an ’ask’ given that Tuscan villages are all ‘stairs’.
Loretta began to introduce us to properties and was equally precise in that the properties fitted our brief. This saved us time and energy.

When we located a suitable property Loretta provided us with the necessary background info and assisted in negotiating a couple of difficult related issues. Although it was not in our immediate personal interest I noted the care Loretta gave to the sellers. The best result was that we (the buyers) and they (the sellers) have remained good friends. Rare?
Once the sale was completed Loretta gave time to Ugo to set up all the necessary service contracts (energy/phone/water etc). This was much appreciated.
Loretta has an in-depth knowledge of the local area and perhaps more importantly of its people and social context.
Wishing Loretta & family and her Clients well