Enhance a Country house by furniture

Enhance a Country house by furniture

Are you planning to renovate your country house or just about to buy a home in Tuscany? Do you need advise when it comes to furnishing? If you love the rustic style, getting the small details right is all you need to do!

When we think of the typical Tuscan country house, we immediately imagine those beautiful homes surrounded by greenery. After all, Tuscan country houses were born on rural estates, built with inexpensive, natural materials.

Owning a house in the Tuscan countryside is a real enrichment of the senses. The peace borne from close contact with nature can be combined with comfort and then reflected in interior design. These houses feature wood, stone, wrought iron, and natural fabrics and these materials create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

If you are thinking of renovating your house and you don’t know where to start, keep in mind the following basic notions.

First of all, when you decide to renovate your home, it’s important to think about the right color of the walls. The warm hues that create a welcoming and convivial atmosphere are preferred. Shades of yellow, bright orange or a surprisingly simple warm white. In Tuscan farmhouses we often find parts of walls with exposed stone, these give a touch of class and at the same time a reminder of nature.


The finishing can really make the difference in the floors. Terracotta floor preferably in light tones is the favorite for the living area and kitchen. For the sleeping area, instead, parquet is more suitable; wood gives us a feeling of warmth and has incredible acoustic advantages.

The soul of the farmhouse resides in the kitchen. Masonry obtained from ancient stone is most reflects that long tradition and offers a feeling of durability and charm.
If not in stone masonry a wood kitchen, especially in light tones, can also be well suited to a Tuscany country home.


Living Room
The living room of a rustic farmhouse has the characteristic elements of the terracotta floor, exposed beams and warm-colored walls.
If you love the rustic style, a beautiful solid wood table with mismatched chairs a must. Sofas and chairs in soft colors are recommended along with wrought iron accents such as vases, chandeliers, and lamps.
Another key element of the living area is the fireplace, in stone or brick, always a focal point in Tuscan homes.

If, on the other hand, you love the most modern lines, you can include some contemporary, minimalist furniture adding some brightness to the environment. Solid wood table combined with chairs in transparent pexiglass, for example, or a sofa with an impactful modern design could be attractive.

Remember that less is more and good results come from not overdoing it, mixing too many different styles may not create the desired result.


Bedroom furniture is best when simple and drawing attention to any original features of the room, such as beamed ceilings. The bed is centrally located in the room usually in wrought iron, with light-colored bedside tables, combined with light colored upholstery for other furnishings and curtains. Natural fabrics such as linens are advised.

Also in this case, if you want to give a more modern touch, just use a bed and other design elements with a with a more modern style instead of the classic wrought-iron bed.


Rustic Style Bathroom
First of all, when we talk about rustic style, we mean a style that is not ornate but made with simple, economic yet traditional materials. This might not be what you want when renovating your bathroom! The contemporary rustic bathroom is immediately notable, certainly more modern and well cared for with light from large windows. The main elements – stone or wood counter top, the sink in natural stone or ceramic as well as the sanitary fixtures. If you prefer a shower, it must have a ceramic platform and glass box without a chrome frame. If you prefer a tub, free-standing is lovely. Don’t forget that, as is true throughout the house, wood elements, such as mirror frames, can be very appealing.

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